the BCD is the original biofilm diet

biofilm theory

the  core  of the  BCD

BCD recipes

calcium and multiminerals

cooking, pressure cooker times, freezing


diets and dietary - general

an elaine gottschall story

starting enzymes

full discussion of using enzymes

glycemic index, hypoglycemia and the zone diet

high nutrient foods and cooking

how to test you if you are getting to first base

lead in crockery, porcelain and ceramic ware and old bathtubs

observing stools and urine, constipation

oxalates and the low oxalate diet


scd - had an apple danish pastry in town yesterday

scd and lead

scd and diets q&a

scd treats

ground beef (american) - beef mince (england, australia, new zealand)

fruit, introductory diet

vitamin d, the sun, uc and ms


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